Vail, Colorado 1Boulder based city and landscape painter and international architect Ugljesa Janjic brings to life the rich colors and energy of Colorado’s lively urban city streets, unique architecture and the West’s magnificent mountains, vast plains, vibrant streams, cool rivers, mysterious forests and rural valleys.

Janjic’s atmospheric watercolor landscapes capture the fleeting sensory experience of nature, the great outdoors and the Colorado landscape in all its shifting moods ­­­– from impending storms to serene, meditative stillness. Although he does paint from photographs from time to time, Janjic prefers the extemporal nature of painting on location (en plein air) with its ephemeral moments of perfect light and shadow. Rapidly changing light and weather conditions pose artistic challenges and create a sense of urgency, which appeals to Janjic. Thus, his painting technique is unbiased and spontaneous.

Janjic’s art often represents the opposing yet complementary nature of the life, seasons and climate on the Front Range in Colorado. He skillfully creates a soothing harmony between the brilliant red, orange and yellow leaves rustling in the foreground of majestic white snow-capped mountains. With passionate bold strokes, sharp contrasts, shadows and energetic bursts of color, Janjic’s confident manipulation of water and unconstrained use of pigment on paper evolves into compositions that are simultaneously timeless and in-the-moment. In these landscapes of cool winter wind and snow, richly hued autumn leaves, and green summer valleys, Janjic transports the viewer to a time and place of fond memories: a lively Vail ski vacation, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot in heart of fall, the warmth of the spring and summer sun.

Janjic’s original watercolors can be found in art galleries in Boulder, Longmont and Denver and across the Front Range of Colorado. His original watercolors are for sale.