watercolor brushesIt is a well-known fact that artists need time to re-set, re-think, re-evaluate their art direction periodically. This is exactly what has happened to me this year. In 2013 I ended up painting upwards of 130 paintings. Very prolific. This year – zero. None. Amazing.

Even though I did not paint, though, this year was not “empty”. There was a LOT happening, only now that I look back at it, it was all inside. Lots of changes, lots of new direction, some things just took their time to settle down and get processed.

It is a very interesting subject to think about. What is really going on in there in the meantime? Why do we need to do this and cannot just continue moving forward? What energies get spent and need to be replenished?

Well, first of all, I think that art is really just, and I wrote about this a long time ago when applying to Architectural School in Seattle, our own understanding of what we see. Or better said, it is our expression of our understanding of it all. So, in our lives there are periods when we don’t really know what is going on exactly or don’t know how to explain it and therefore the expression stops. There is nothing to express. That could be one.

Now that is all connected to the fact that we want to process and understand everything through our reasoning, using our minds and thoughts. I just now wonder, what would happen if we did not stop and wait for it all to get settled and nicely organized in our head before we put it on paper. What if at that precise time when we think we have no clue as to what is going on and what to paint, we actually continue painting “blindly” forward. What deeper expressions of our being would come to life? Would it be then that we actually start seeing what we think only after it has already happened and in front of us in form of finished art? King of like backwards analytics.

This brings us to even more interesting question: Are we breaking up the flow in our lives by stopping to analyze everything before we actually feel comfortable to move forward? Are you?

By the way, a few months back I read this book and highly recommend it: The Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Also check out his TED talk.

Interesting! Well, I think I am ready to begin this journey again so let’s see.

I’ll keep you posted!